An interview with Dr. P.P Devan, Professor of Head & Neck Surgery A J Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre Mangaluru. The good doctor said that if you had contracted the coronavirus, the first 48hrs are crucial. -One of our body’s first defenses is to ‘arrest’ the viral replication by raising its temperature. Dr. Devan recommends that we help our body increase its temperature by frequent sipping of hot water.

The 2nd part of the video focused on building up one’s immunity. Essentially, the good doctor said, the best defense against the Coronavirus is to build one’s immunity. The essential building blocks of the human body are: amino acids (from grain sprouts), vitamin C (fresh lime) and zinc (black raisins, papaya or watermelon seeds). Or one can get the those essentials from supplements.

Watch the video below for the full details.

Disclaimer – the views expressed above are those of Dr. P.P. Devan. This site does not advocate any treatment nor dispense any medical advice. Always seek professional medical help if you suffer from any Covid-19 symptoms.